Equity in the artist selection process: a zine

At the October, 2018 Alliance of Artist Communities Emerging Program Institute (for new residency programs and folks considering starting programs), Hewnoaks director Nat May and colleague Linda Earle discussed considering equity in the artist selection process. Here are the notes from that panel, which contain a lot of questions a program might ask in conceiving … Continue reading Equity in the artist selection process: a zine

Native land recognition

On Indigenous People’s Day, we’d like to acknowledge the history of the land of Hewnoaks. The app “Native Land” (and corresponding website native-land.ca) shows what indigenous territories and languages might have and still do exist around North America. Here’s a partial history of the Fryeburg area from Wikipedia: “The area was once a major Abenaki Indian … Continue reading Native land recognition

Founder Marion Larrabee Volk

Marion Larrabee Volk (1859–1925) decided to improve upon a generations-old native tradition of making “drawn” rugs, and with the help of her son Wendell and daughter Marion she began Sabatos Handcrafts in 1901. A drawn rug is a type of hooked rather than woven rug. The Volks gathered together residents of Center Lovell, who then … Continue reading Founder Marion Larrabee Volk

April 2017 Alumni News

John Sundling‘s set design will be featured in the production of “Constellations” at SPACE Gallery next month. Lee Sharkey is traveling to Dublin where she’s a finalist for a poetry award for work she completed at Hewnoaks last summer. (link to Portland Press Herald article here.) Shoshannah White has work generated from her Arctic Residency … Continue reading April 2017 Alumni News