Hewnoaks provides artists across all disciplines and career stages unencumbered time to think, work, and experiment. We offer short-term residencies on a historic wooded lakeside property, knowing that this kind of time and space is essential to the creative process and the growth and development of artists and their work.


Hewnoaks envisions a world where all artists, regardless of their background or circumstances, are nurtured, uplifted, and celebrated on their creative path. We are committed to breaking down barriers that prevent many artists from attending residencies, promoting the value of unstructured creative time, and fostering short-term communities of artists-in-residence that blossom into enduring connections across Maine and beyond. We believe in the transformative power of artistic expression in all its forms and strive to create an accepting and supportive environment where every artist can unleash their boldest and most authentic work.


We foster a culture of openness, actively seeking out new opportunities, innovative approaches, and alternative ways of working. We embrace change as a catalyst for growth, staying flexible and responsive to emerging needs.

We are committed to preserving our site, valuing its natural surroundings, and respecting the historical significance of its structures. We strive for sustainability, ensuring the efficient deployment of our financial resources for the benefit of current and future generations. We aspire to serve as a model of environmentally-conscious stewardship.

Our focus remains firmly rooted in meeting artists’ needs, emphasizing the creative process and self-discovery over the end product. We champion artists’ perspectives and the role of the arts in addressing contemporary social issues.

Interdisciplinary, Collaborative, Community-Centric
We recognize the inherent value of diverse practices and disciplines converging. We actively support collaborative engagements within the arts and across other fields. We believe in amplifying our impact through partnerships with organizations who share our beliefs and goals. 

Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion
Hewnoaks firmly believes that respect and inclusivity fuel creativity and innovation. We are steadfast in our efforts to welcome and uplift those who have been historically marginalized. Our unwavering goal is to establish a diverse, just, and equitable environment where all residents and staff can thrive, experience a sense of belonging, and actively participate in building a vibrant community.