Fall is for dreaming

As we wind down the residency season, we are reflecting on all of the great making and thinking that happened here throughout 2019. Our regular residency season supported 56 artists working in all sorts of disciplines, including writing, visual arts, performance, music, and multidisciplinary work. We also hosted several groups: the Indigo Arts Alliance held a retreat here for their Board and Circle of Advisors, Portland’s Synth Club came and jammed and tweaked knobs as we opened up the property in June, and Pickwick Independent Press is holding a retreat for their Printers Without Margins retreat this week before we shut off the water and close up for the winter.

With reflection comes a fair bit of dreaming, visioning, and asking what’s possible for the future. How else can we capitalize on this property and facility we have? What groups need to be gathered together? How does retreat and thinking help change the world in positive ways?

What ideas do you have for Hewnoaks for 2020? If you have thoughts or questions, please send them in an email to Executive Director Nat May at info@hewnoaks.org. Let’s start some conversations.

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