“The beauty and seclusion of the landscape at Hewnoaks truly inspires dedicated work.”

Frequently Asked Questions


Who should apply?

Painters, sculptors, photographers, filmmakers, choreographers, actors, musicians, writers…we are open to all kinds of artists. Curators are also welcome to apply. If you have been a resident of Hewnoaks both of the past two consecutive years (2016/2017), you may not apply for 2018 season so that we can share Hewnoaks with as many artists as possible. Lists of past residents are available under the Residents tab in the navigation bar above.

What do you mean by “Preference will be given to Maine applicants”?

We are excited to be able to provide this opportunity to Maine artists, especially those who are new to the residency experience. We hope to schedule at least one non-Mainer for each week of the summer, but expect that the majority of applicants and accepted artists will be currently living in Maine.

Can groups apply?

We encourage collaborative applications from artists wanting to work together on the same project. Pairs or groups of artists who want to work independently on their own projects and use some of the time for critique should apply separately with a request to overlap their time (see below).

Can my partner/friend and I apply together?

If you intend to spend your time at Hewnoaks working on the same project(s), please submit one application that explains the details of your collaboration. If you plan to work separately but want to overlap while at Hewnoaks, you must apply as individuals and note your preference to be in residence together (and willingness to share living/working space, if so). Your applications will be reviewed separately. If you are both accepted we will do our best to schedule you at the same time.

Can I apply on my own and also as part of a group?

No. We have limited space available. You must choose one or the other and submit only one application.

What kind of facilities do you have?

Hewnoaks does not have any studio facilities. We offer artists their own cabins to live in and use as workspace. Projects need to be relatively clean and artists must bring their own materials and tools. The cabins are outfitted with simple kitchens and bathrooms and have bedrooms and living/work space. There is electricity and running water in each cabin. 

There are steep hills and unpaved walkways; participants with limited mobility may have difficulty navigating the historic property.

How are artists selected?

A team of independent arts professional jurors reviews applications. Artist selection is based primarily on the stated intention of how the residency time will be used, along with artistic merit. Please see the Apply tab for more specifics.

How long can I stay?

Residents must stay for at least one complete week (Saturday to Saturday), but may request to stay for ten days or two weeks.

Do you offer stipends?

No, we do not currently offer stipends and artists are responsible for all of their own expenses, including transportation and meals.

What expectations do you have of the artists? 

We want the Hewnoaks experience to be of use to the resident’s practice, either in regards to research and experimentation or in the production of new work. We also hope the artists who are in residence together will benefit from meeting one another.

Can I bring friends, my dog, my family?

We are not able to accommodate guests, families or pets – although if someone drops you off or picks you up, they are welcome to look around and enjoy a swim in the lake.


If you have specific questions that are not addressed here, please contact us at info@hewnoaks.org.